General Info

Lutheran Social Services of Montana is committed to bringing hope and help to those in need. We are a ministry of St. John’s Lutheran Ministries and a non-profit organization sponsored by Lutheran churches and friends in Montana and Northern Wyoming. Our team of qualified professionals has been providing services to Montanans of all religious denominations and affiliations since 1954.

Our statewide staff of counselors offer birthparent counseling, adoptive family preparation, mental health services, search and reunion services and post-adoption counseling.

Our Mission

We share St. John’s Lutheran Ministries’ mission, “to provide living opportunities within nurturing environments of hope, dignity and love.”  We do this by meeting our clients where they are at as we journey alongside them to join hearts in hope.

Our Core Values

  • Serving Christ by serving others.
  • Making a difference by bringing hope.
  • Assuring quality by promoting excellence.