Adoptive Parents Preparation

Are you interested in adopting?

Kooper and Elle BeardIf you are longing for a child to love, Lutheran Social Services of Montana is here to support you. We can help you navigate through the process of infant adoption, contract adoption, and international adoption, or we can direct you to our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program for more information about adopting a waiting child.

Your path to adoption through our core program will include the following steps:

  • Submitting an Inquiry Form to learn more about LSS and determine if you meet LSS eligibility criteria
  • Attending an Information Meeting with a counselor at the location nearest you
  • Completing an Application for approval to move forward with LSS
  • Writing an Autobiography that tells us about you, your partner and your life together
  • Completing a homestudy and submitting to medical and background checks
  • Participating in an adoption preparation workshop
  • Preparing a profile letter to birthparents to tell them why you are hoping to adopt and what you can bring to the life of a child

Once you have completed these steps and have been licensed by the State of Montana as a foster/adoptive home, you will be in Ready and Waiting status, and we will begin offering your profile to birthparents who are seeking a forever family for their precious child.

Lutheran Social Services supports open adoption as a relationship built on respect, trust, and caring for those involved in the adoption process. We also honor and respect the child’s need for information regarding his or her birth heritage.

For more information regarding any of our adoption services, please call 800-726-3083 or contact the office at the location nearest you.