Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Are you interested in adopting a waiting child in foster care? 2c_RGB_WWK_DTFA_large-300x212

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids is making a difference for thousands of children—one child at a time. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has awarded a grant to Lutheran Social Services of Montana to implement a proactive, child-focused recruitment program dedicated to moving America’s longest-waiting children from foster care into adoptive families.

Recently released research from a five-year evaluation of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids shows that children referred to the program are up to three times more likely to get adopted. Read the full research results.

Our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter, Diana Tolstedt, works with children across Eastern Montana to help find the best home for children currently living in foster care. For more information about Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, visit their Website at http://www.davethomasfoundation.org/what-we-do/wendys-wonderful-kids/

To learn more about Montana’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program, please call Diana Tolstedt at (406) 655-7781.