What are my options?

Is your heart racing? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Scared? Confused? Excited? Thinking “what am I doing?!” Many times, a woman with an unplanned pregnancy just needs a safe place to explore her thoughts and feelings without being judged.

The counselors of Lutheran Social Services of Montana will help you explore options:

  • Open adoption: You select the family and decide on the relationship you want to have with your child and adoptive family.  We will share profiles of families which match your interests and after you make a selection, we will assist you to begin a relationship with them; if possible, before the baby is born.
  • Closed adoption: LSS will select the adoptive family and share a limited amount of information about you with them. Your child will be able to request the original birth certificate upon reaching age 18.
  • Direct parental placement: You identify the adoptive family (family member, friend or acquaintance) for your child.  The family is required to have an approved home study and birthparent counseling is required.  LSS can help with this process.
  • Parenting: Your counselor will support you to answer the question “can I parent this child?” and then connect you with appropriate community resources and provide education regarding the financial, emotional and physical impact of parenting.

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